FDM is a process using molten plastics or wax extruded by a nozzle that traces the parts cross sectional geometry layer by layer. FDM creates tough parts that are ideal for functional usage.  FDM parts are durable that can be made using various engineering plastics.

FDM Materials:

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Similar to stereolithography in that parts are made with a photosensitive resin, the Polyjet difference is in how the resin is applied and cured to build the part. The super thin layer thickness results in parts that are very accurate with a very smooth surface finish.

Polyjet Materials:
FullCure720 General Purpose
FullCure430 Durus White
FullCure830 Verowhite
FullCure840 VeroBlue
FullCure870 VeroBlack
FullCure930 TangoPlus
FullCure950 TangoGray
FullCure970 TangoBlack

So you are working on an overmolded product, huh?


You've got a beautiful 3D CAD design ready to go to tooling but...

You're stuck in a Catch 22!

You can't select materials until you make and shoot the molds and test but you don't want to make the molds before you've tested the design with materials that have an approximate flexibility and durometer...right?

We know exactly the dilemma you are facing...

Luckily, there is finally a fast (usually in 3-5 days) and cost-effective (typically around $1000) for prototyping an overmolded product BEFORE you cut steel and WITHOUT making soft tooling!

Click the link below to get a quote for your Rapid Overmolded Prototype.

SLA is an additive process utilizing a vat of liquid UV curable photo polymer "resin" and a UV laser to build parts a layer at a time. On each layer, the laser traces a part cross-section pattern on the surface of the liquid resin. Exposure to the UV laser light cures, or solidifies the pattern traced on the resin and adheres it to the layer below.

SLA Materials:
NanoForm 15120
ProtoGen O-XT 18420
WaterClear Ultra 10122
WaterShed XC 11122


This technology allows for the production of highly accurate parts with superior surface quality.  The envisionTEC SI 500 is a high-speed, liquid resin that produces flexible, high-impact-strength, and accurate parts with a wide processing latitude and excellent tolerance to a wide temperature and humidity range during and after build. This material is especially useful in functional applications where extreme flexibility and impact strength are critical requirements, e.g. automobile panels, electronic enclosures, medical products, snap-fit parts, packaging, and plastic bottles.

Perfactory Materials:
Envisiontec SI500